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Venus legacy sets new standards in the fields of aesthetic medicine. It is an innovative technology for tightening of the skin of the face, neck and body and formulating non-invasive contours.

VENUS 4D TECHNOLOGY – NEW STANDARD Venus Legacy is the first and only FDA approved device for 4D technology! The new first and only aesthetic device in the world combines multipolar radio frequency(RT), impose electromagnetic fields (IEMS) and VariPulse vacuum therapy with real time temperature indicator only in our center. Thus, Venus Legacy ensures The safe implementation of procedures without harsh and trees! Without surgical surgery, completely painless, without cuts, whitening became very easy with business legacy

  • Correction of the body, removal of old him and tightness after Abdominal surgery and liposuction
  • Scan renewal
  • Melting of large fat
  • Destruction of cellulite
  • Removal of old and him swelling
  • Removal of sagging
  • Treatment of darkening
  • Opening of wrinkles
  • Rejuvination of skin
  • Face lifting
  • Correction of jaw, décolleté of hands

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$1,500.00 / 6 Sessions
Venus Legacy
$250.00 / Session
Venus Legacy
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